The Whale's Tale

Immerse yourself in The Whale’s Tale, watch from the shore, or submerge yourself in this underwater playground full of surprises. Ever wonder what it’s like to be swallowed whole? Put on your shrimp helmet, take a deep breath, and dive inside the jaws of Manilayo, the humpback whale.

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A Whale is washed up on a beach and discovered by a child. Is it alive or dead? How did it get there? The spirit of the Whale, embodied as the Navigator, embarks on a journey to find out what is wrong with the dubious help of Dr Walrus. Highly interactive, full of riotous slapstick and extremely playful.

An environmental tale to warm the heart, with reflections about the consequences of our actions. It has been forecast that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the sea than fish. The Whale’s Tale is a rollicking journey that will leave your children wanting to make a difference. A show for all ages.

Just a message to let you know how much my kids (age 6 and 4) and myself loved your performance of ‘The Whale’s Tale!’ We saw it three times - 2 on one day and then the kids insisted on bringing Dad back to see it over the week-end! (They were secretly hoping he would be chosen as the Big Poo). Thanks again for the highlight of our Summer Holidays.

— Audience member
I had a candid conversation with my child only yesterday about how he ‘hates shows coz they’re boring’ yet today we go and see your whale show in Adelaide only for him to ask if he can stay again for the next show! Absolutely brilliant in a totally delightful setting that added to the whole experience. Big, huge, whopping thanks, you made my day!
— Audience member