Born in a Taxi has over 25 years experience creating and performing their own genre of physical theatre. Over this time they have developed a refined and unique methodology for teaching and performing ensemble improvisation and physical theatre. Playful and comprehensive, their workshops inspire new insight into creating and performing with an ensemble, developing theatrical clarity and personal performance style and confidence. Our workshops are highly physical and attend in equal measure to dance and the theatre of performance.

Born in a Taxi  can run workshops for performance practitioners, universities, secondary schools, team building within organisations, mixed ability groups and people with or without prior theatre or dance experience.

Taxi’s performances draw on past memories and everyday situations to create a style of “Dance-story” reflecting the quirks and mannerisms of our world. At the heart of their work is group rapport and complicite and they achieve this through a balance of allowing each performer the chance to express freely their personal dance style within a framework of thoroughly rehearsed structures.

Weekly workshop classes are currently running weekly at St Martin’s Youth Arts, South Yarra, for 3hrs on Monday evenings. For more details contact Nick Papas, 0425 755 317.