Improvisation is at the heart of every Born in a Taxi performance. Over 25 years the company has developed a refined and unique methodology for teaching and performing ensemble improvisation and physical theatre.

Workshops focus on physical communication through gesture, shape, movement, conformity and individual flair. Both playful and comprehensive, they inspire new insight into creating and performing with an ensemble while developing theatrical clarity, confidence and personal performance style. They are highly physical and attend in equal measure to dance and theatre.

Participants learn to perceive the desires of a group and to honour the role assigned to them by a group at any moment. These two principles of group expression, that is, group awareness and solo leadership, are like two arms of the total form that when practiced and refined form a new way to work with others.

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Blanc is an invitation to express yourself on a human canvas. Part visual art making, part theatre game, part dance piece.

Beginning with movement games and scores, which form the underpinnings of an improvised performance, Blanc moves into a creation phase. Where half the group become living statues (dressed in white overalls), the other half are artists who dream onto their sculpture. Using paper, tape and paint they get messy turning their imaginations into reality. Take care… these sculptures may have minds of their own.

Turn a friend into your very own masterpiece and watch as they come to life to create a show in front of your very eyes. Now it’s your turn to be transformed...                                                 

Strictly for people with big imaginations!


Performance workshops

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...with their jump-or-die approach to art, Born in a Taxi are a captivating group of performers for two reasons: 1. Their theatrical skills are so finely tuned they’re like reflexes, and 2. You never know what they’ll do next… it’s a credit to their powers of mime, dance and acting that the rhythm of the show never missed a beat.
— Alison Barclay, HERALD SUN