No Former Performer Has Performed This Performance Before


NO FORMER PERFORMER strips back it’s inquire to the essential elements of real time co-creation, which underpin the company’s practice.

A trio between the Artistic Directors and sound artist Michael Havir, NO FORMER PERFORMER explores the nuanced interactions between sound, text, movement and improvisation.

The body’s intelligence in performance making takes centre stage. Movement, impulse, and the unconscious/associate mind, are the drivers of the piece, as the trio co-create live every performance.

A recent development in February  with Helen Herbertson, Ben Cobham and Andrew Morrish, took the notion  “Less in More” into unimaginable unchartered territory.

What’s next?

Following two inspiring, and very different, creative development blocks with provators Andrew Morrish, Helen Herbertson, Ben Cobham and Fiona Roake our aspirations for this piece are unsurprisingly unorthodox.

Deeply personal, we plan to perform this work annually (or at least regularly) over the next 30 years, we are that kind of long game group.

Same name, same people, different content, different age, different provators. Till we die. Who will go first?

The content will reflect our on going, deepening practice and our immediate life preoccupations.

The next show is looking like the first half of next year.

Given we already have a 25 year history I think this would be worth coming out for.