Family Shows

Born in a Taxi create theatrical productions for indoor, outdoor and site specific environments that are absurd, comical, and physically driven. Ensemble improvisation, both in process and performance, is the backbone of every show this company creates. Their works straddle the spectrum from completely improvised to tightly structured, with a keen attention to the relationship between performer and audience that leads to unexpected and authentic connections with the public.

Taxi’s investigation of improvisation for over two decades forms the basis of their highly original approach to ensemble improvisation and real-time creation of works in performance.  Born in a Taxi value the intuitive, emotional and unconscious as tools of trade.

Taxi are committed to creating innovative performances that are accessible to a diverse audience demographic.

Not dance, not theatre, not hilarious comedy, not performance art, and yet, somehow, cleverly all of the above.


Immerse yourself in The Whale’s Tale. 

Watch from the shore or submerge yourself in this underwater playground full of surprises. Ever wonder what it’s like to be swallowed whole?

Put on your shrimp helmet, take a deep breath, and dive inside the jaws of Manilayo, the humpback whale.


THE Curious game

A show like no other, where the world of fairytales and board games collide and the audience...become the show.

With the pomp and ceremony of ridiculous rituals and eccentric dance, characters from an over-sized chessboard come to life.

A bossy Queen, a stupid knight and a pawn with a touch of cunning, conduct an interactive, absurd and humorous game for all ages.



A collaboration between David Murphy and Born in a Taxi.

Ever wondered what really goes on in your insides after scoffing into Friday night Fish and Chips?

What goes in must come out? Go in as food come out as poo….!

An immersive, interactive journey  through an inflatable digestive system, from teeth to bum!


Cirque Disarray

A show where the children are the stars!

The audience have arrived…the show is about to begin….. but  WHERE ARE THE PERFORMERS?

Three bumbling stage hands run around nervously, looking for the stars of the show and the wild animals that have vanished….

This kind of performance relies upon the four artists... rehearsing form and style rather than content. It is a highly skilled technique that applies to dance, acting and music alike. It is a return to that place of innocence and play that allows the artist, like the child, to truly create the product during the process... This is profoundly enjoyable…
— Kate Herbet, HERALD SUN, Melbourne