As night falls, light explodes from The CUBE. The audience are invited to journey into the celestial heavens, right here on earth.

Integrating dance, comedy and participatory theatre with sophisticated interactive lighting and image projections, Enlighten is a visual meditation on how we connect, what’s important and our search for the divine within us all.


Three angels inhabit this space, bridging the gap between the divine and the mortal. Images and sounds of the cosmos and all things heavenly interact with the performance to create an ethereal world that takes you from the sublime to the ridiculous.

Profound, joyful, poetic and playful, Enlighten is a meditation on what unifies us. Observe them from afar, get up close for a blessing or even cross over briefly into their divine realm within the CUBE. At times deeply personal, at times collectively transformative, Enlighten is always enchanting.

This highly accessible, contemporary work brings a sense of beauty, wonder and play into public space, in the sure hands of one of Melbourne’s most unique and experienced independent theatre companies.

Enlighten is a collaboration between Born in a Taxi and lighting visionary Bruce Ramus.

‘Heaven is all around us, if only we have eyes to see it’ – Charles Tritton

Each performance will offer its own delicious moments and , considering Born in a Taxi’s history, none will disappoint.
— Stephanie Glickman, Herald Sun
With their jump-or-die approach to art, Born in a Taxi are a captivating group of performers for two reasons: 1. Their theatrical skills are so finely tuned they’re like reflexes, and 2. You never know what they’ll do next…
— Alison Barclay, Herald Sun
A COMPLETE night at the theatre; surprising, eloquent, strange, funny, exhilarating, ridiculous, intimate, awkward, original.
— Sue Giles, Polyglot Theatre 2013