Gut Feeling

A collaboration between David Murphy and Born in a Taxi.


Ever wondered what really goes on in your insides after scoffing into Friday night Fish and Chips?

What goes in must come out? Go in as food come out as poo….!

An immersive, interactive journey  through an inflatable digestive system, from teeth to bum!

Gut Feeling Gallery 3 cropped.jpg
Gut Feeling Gallery 2 cropped.jpg

Gut Feeling  is an immersive, interactive journey through the human digestive system, from top to bottom. Participants are assigned as different food groups, before being “ingested” into a massive, anatomically correct (well, nearly), inflatable, human digestive tract. The “food" is guided through its digestion by the Garrulous Gut Guides and shown the incredible and miraculous processes involved in how our bodies turn food into our energy, from the inside! The food will be required to do some physical theatre, experience a dynamic digestive sound scape and watch real bacteria projected onto the stomach lining. The young artists can then add to the bacteria gallery (with textas). And of course what goes in must also come out, with each child’s exit being marked with carefully crafted sound effects.  

Fascinating. Fun. Facts & Farts!


This performance was not only hysterically funny, a bit yucky at times, and pretty warm, it was also a wonderful lesson in the human body, which I know my 8 ¬year¬ old learnt a lot from. To be able to get inside the gut, with two hilarious ‘Gut Guides’ is by far the best way to learn, and the Q & A session afterwards just went on to prove how awesome an experience this was.
— Audience member
How awesome to have the opportunity to be turned into poo. No! I mean... how awesome that our children can explore their creativity and share unique artistic experiences with professional artists, in such a wonderful, up close and personal space?
— Audience member