An interactive performance.


While most of us actively plan for our ultimate departure - we’re less inclined to talk about how we will get there.

Will we die peacefully or be tormented by unimaginable pain? Will we retain our capacities or require others to do even the simplest tasks for us? And when we die, will we pass away in the comfortable familiarity of home, surrounded by loved ones, or draw our last breath in a hospital bed amongst strangers?

The sad reality is that the manner in which we navigate our declining years and depart this earth is rarely of our choosing.

This confronting state of affairs is not going away. However communicating and discussing the paradoxes and complexities that face us as we age, helps to not only make us feel better about it. It also encourages us to be pro-active and plan for what may lie ahead.

This 20 min interactive performance deals with these issues with great humour and authentic affection. Showing just how wrong things can go if nobody knows what is important to us and also how uplifting the process can be when our wishes are communicated to the ones we love.

Sit back, have a laugh, shed a tear and get ready to talk.