An interactive playful performance created with Health Issue Centre Victoria addressing end of life choices.


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Born in a Taxi created a 50 minute performance communicating the paradoxes and complexities that face us as we age and create new engaging ways to educate the wider community about legislative changes effecting end of life choices.  The process of creating Unspoken took several months. The research phase began with several meetings the CEO of the Heath Issues Centre (HIC) Danny Vadasz  to understand the issues we needed to cover and the brain-storm how best to convey them. Script writing and devising, sound design and costume creation, ending in a  final showing all took place before we launched the pilot of  Unspoken in 2016.

This playful performance deals with these issues with great humour and authentic affection. Putting everyone at ease, it promotes discussion and sits alongside workshops, activities and information to assist  families in writing an Advance Care Plan if they so desire.

 We are currently on a regional tour of Victoria and will in be in Melbourne in October as part of Seniors Week. Have a laugh, shed a tear, share your thoughts. Bring your Dad or Mum. It’s free!