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Carolyn Hanna/ co-artistic director

Carolyn is interested in the unknown, public space, mortality, instincts, limits and the essence of celebration. It is still a surprise to her that she has ended up making theatre her career. As a multi disciplinary performance-maker and director she joining Born in aTaxi in 1996.

Companies she has worked with include Triage Live Art Collective, Strange Fruit, The Other Tongue, Weave, Company 13, and the Humour Foundation. She directed Green Room Award nominated production Homunculus at La Mama & Malthouse Theatre 2005 and in 2012 completed a solo residency at VUT Melbourne. In 2013 she formed performance art collective Plasticus with visual artist Vanessa White, which featured at The Biennial Project - ArtVenice Biennale 3 2015, with exhibitions at The Substation Gallery, FELTspace and Conduit Arts. Most recently her work has been seen as part of international live art collaboration Hotel Obscura by Triage in FOLA Arts House 2016. She also tries desperately to maintain some family routine for her two kids and partner with mixed success.

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Penny Baron / co-artistic director

Penny  loves meeting strangers, building community and walking on the beach. As an artist she instinctive, visionary and ambitious to contribute to creating a lighter world through the performing  arts. Her key area of practice is exploring the nuanced interactions between movement and text, structure and improvisation. The  alchemic relationship between performer and audience is of endless interest to her.

Penny has been working passionately and  extensively for the past 24 years as theatre maker, performer, director and teacher.  As well as her long standing role in Born in a Taxi, she works as an independent artist. She is also a founding member of The Business theatre company clown ensemble and The Rhonda Movement music comedy trio both in 1993. Penny has won a total of ten awards for her collaborative works. She has worked with Bell Shakespeare, Polyglot, Rawcus, Weave, Dislocate, The Dream Masons, Shaken and Suspicious, The Grimstones, CreatAbilty and Company 13. She teaches movement at The John Bolton Theatre School. She tries to maintain a solo practice when she can, one way or another.